Better Than God
Peter Jelen
Unwrapped: The BareBack Anthology
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BareBackPress is an independent publisher that  began as an online literary magazine. Through the magazine we found heaps of new and innovative talent and decided to conceive BareBackPress. 

We are dedicated to publishing BareBack writing, that is, writers who aren’t afraid to take off their gloves  and bare themselves, giving the world honesty. Truth we may not like, but are forced to accept. 

Our focus is  on providing readers with an entertaining emotional elevator ride by sincere, passionate artists who want to contribute to the evolution of literature and poetry.
Old Gods for New
Mike Algera
The Cure for Consciousness
Peter Jelen

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Words that Burn
Wayne F. Burke
Hearing Voices
The BareBack Anthology 
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Little Human Accidents: 
Chaos Poems from the Brink
Damon Ferrell Marbut
The Big Picture
 Andrew J. Simpson
Impressions Of An Expatriate: China
Peter Jelen
Human Crutches
Damon Ferrell Marbut
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Heaven's Gone To Hell
Andrew J. Simpson

garbage flower
Damon Ferrell Marbut

Be Kind to Strangers
Carl Miller Daniels
Remote Life
Edward Anki
Wayne F. Burke
Knuckle Sandwiches
Wayne F. Burke

Knuckle Sandwiches is a punch in the face to art, culture, and society. A smack in the mouth to propriety. Knuckle sandwiches of the literal kind as well as the more common, but no less painful, metaphorical kind, which life gives to everyone regardless of race, creed, class, or gender.

~"Knuckle Sandwiches is not only the most original and authentic collection of poems I've read in years, it's one of the best books period. I loved every poem. Some are both as funny and as tragic as could ever be imagined. These poems come from a lifetime of real experience in the REAL world and straight from the heart...A masterpiece."  Howard Frank Mosher, author of the novel A STRANGER IN THE KINGDOM (winner of The New England Book Award).​

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And So On...
The Bareback Anthology

The Human Condition Is A Terminal Illness
Matthew J. Hall

To be human is to come to terms with a repetitive and trying history; an acceptance of the potential beauty and the overiding toxicity of mankind. The Human Condition is a Terminal Illness, pulls individual and societal insecurities out from our collective subconscious in an effort toward analysis and question. More often than not, in the midst of a confused, selfish, self-hating populace, the answers are left wanting.

I've always believed the best compliment to give a writer is to say he or she is generous, and Matthew J. Hall is undoubtedly so, with a variety of observations and declarations, organized between remembrances only poets can make. From love to death, to all the aching moments in between, Hall finds sympathy for his subjects at each and every turn, usually when they need it the most. All this, while he asks optimistically, if everything is meaningless, why does the heart beat so fiercely?

~Matthew Snee author of the novel, The Cardboard Spaceship and poetry collection, Evil Summer.

The Human Condition Is A Terminal Illness full of troubling reality and its many disturbing elements of flaws, sadness, and banality brimming with pain underneath. These real life story poems have small glimmers of hope repeatedly sinking down beneath disappointment and heavy dankness. When you want more, but you feel inundated with the many pointless parts of existence. When you crave connection to genuine love, but that is overtaken with glitches of hurtfulness. When part of you desires to fix people's broken pieces, but the other part of you knows that you can't or you won't.

~Juliet Cook, poet and editor of Blood Pudding Press, which published Matthew J. Hall's poetry chapbook, Pigeons and Peace Doves (2015)

You will find nothing here but raw emotion, honest language, and truth--as Hall pulls every photograph from the scrapbook and tries to put together a desperate salvage mission.

~Wolfgang Carstens, Founder of Epic Rites Press and author of poetry collections, Crudely Mistaken For Life, The Abyss Gazes Also and Factory Reject.
The Human Condition Is A Terminal Illness
5.25" x 8" 
140 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1926449111 
ISBN-10: 1926449118 
BISAC: Poetry / General
Knuckles Sandwiches
5.25" x 8" 
116 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1926449081 
ISBN-10: 1926449088 
BISAC: Poetry / General
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