Better Than God
Peter Jelen
Unwrapped: The BareBack Anthology
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BareBackPress is an independent publisher that  began as an online literary magazine. Through the magazine we found heaps of new and innovative talent and decided to conceive BareBackPress. 

We are dedicated to publishing BareBack writing, that is, writers who aren’t afraid to take off their gloves  and bare themselves, giving the world honesty. Truth we may not like, but are forced to accept. 

Our focus is  on providing readers with an entertaining emotional elevator ride by sincere, passionate artists who want to contribute to the evolution of literature and poetry.
Old Gods for New
Mike Algera
The Cure for Consciousness
A Flash Novel
Peter Jelen
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Words that Burn
Wayne F. Burke
Hearing Voices
The BareBack Anthology 
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Little Human Accidents: 
Chaos Poems from the Brink
Damon Ferrell Marbut
The Big Picture
 Andrew J. Simpson
Impressions Of An Expatriate: China
Peter Jelen
Human Crutches
Damon Ferrell Marbut
Now Available
Heaven's Gone To Hell
Andrew J. Simpson

Heaven’s Gone to Hell leads the reader through a series of humorous dystopias that challenge the way we use language and the way we see the world. From alcoholic archangels, to heaven’s reliance on unpaid labour, to a devil just trying to do what’s right, Andrew J. Simpson’s follow-up to The Big Picture turns the tropes of society on their ears.

“The mind of Andrew J. Simpson is an ideas machine … His brain is actually a powerful alien computer.” 
~ Alejandro Bustos, Apartment 613

garbage flower
Damon Ferrell Marbut

​With garbageflower, Damon Ferrell Marbut demonstrates once again how each book is its own unique expression of human engagement. The generosity of this collection comes from the shared moment, wherein often Marbut leaves defining the poem's purpose up to the reader. Other times there is no doubting how firmly he believes there is no line separating abstraction from reality. This believable, touching book of poems is for everyone.

Tripping in the Dark
Richard J. O'Brien

Tripping in the Dark offers a glimpse at illumination hidden deep in the darkest recesses. The poems in this collection navigate the reader through a landscape both chaotic and strange. They remind us that between life and death we encounter beauty and ruin, aspiration and doubt, the mundane and the mysterious, and, if we are lucky along the way, perhaps love. Tripping in the Dark is that rare collection of poems that helps us recall what is holy and unique in each of us.  

Be Kind to Strangers
Carl Miller Daniels
Remote Life
Edward Anki
Wayne F. Burke
Knuckle Sandwiches
Wayne F. Burke

Knuckle Sandwiches is a punch in the face to art, culture, and society. A smack in the mouth to propriety. Knuckle sandwiches of the literal kind as well as the more common, but no less painful, metaphorical kind, which life gives to everyone regardless of race, creed, class, or gender.

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And So On...
The Bareback Anthology

Since 2012 BareBack has sought to publish writers who are straightforward, sincere, and passionate. And So On...: The BareBack Anthology features the most innovative and honest poetry, fiction, and flash fiction that has appeared in BareBackMagazine since its inception. And So On... is bold, brave, and a great showcase of some amazingly talented new and established writers from around the world.